• @_tysonyoung_ 6 days ago

    Great shot👍I’m 16 and trying to make it in Photography. A follow would help a lot. Thanks for listening🙏. And again great 📷👏👏

  • @crowsnestcoffee 6 days ago

    The wildlife knew three wolverines were in the area!!!😉👹👍

  • @ericbatty 6 days ago

    @crowsnestcoffee hahahahahaha! That’s a sweet Wolverine emoji!

  • @allie8186 6 days ago

    Love this shot! Foxes and wolves are my fave! Glad you guys all had fun and are home safe!

  • @auphotos 6 days ago


  • @charlesjansens 6 days ago

    Totally rocks!

  • @e_bourgeois 6 days ago

    Sweet pic Eric!

  • @edwindotilopma 6 days ago

    after the amazing shot of mountain goat, another epic shot of Fox, beautiful job, Mr tough guy @ericbatty!👍

  • @lindsaydawnwebster 6 days ago

    Such an amazing shot!!

  • @liamonthetrail 6 days ago

    But what a beautiful shot!!

  • @crownedpearl 3 days ago

    I flew to Taiwan for a three week course on whales (okay, cetaceans). We saw one baby humpback the entire time.