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6:51 PM Feb 14, 2018
Today, we show our love for Planet Earth, as we support the creators who do work to showcase the beauty of our planet and draw attention to the challenges that we all need to care about. This image captured by #SonyArtisan @chrisburkard was taken while filming “Shots From Above”, the short film that captures just that essence. • • We are proud to announce our #SonyAlphaCares series with “Shots From Above” created by @chrisburkard, @renan_ozturk, and pilot Chris Dahl-Bredine (@shotsfromabove). “Sometimes the greatest risk is to not follow your passion. Part pilot, part artist, this is the story of Chris Dahl-Bredine who built an experimental aircraft in his garage to help immerse himself in the landscapes he loves. For Chris the 'ultralight trike' isn't just a tool for exploration, it's a way of filtering a complicated world.” | a7R III | 24mm | f/2.8 | 1/500 | ISO 100 | Visit the LINK IN BIO to watch the full “Shots From Above” ☝🏽

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve



  • @johnnyferniz 6 days ago

    Shots like this makes me want to travel to the middle east! Lovely photo there!

  • @mortal_donut 6 days ago


  • @lisamariie__ 6 days ago

    Yess🙌🏼good bless people like @chrisburkard who capture the beauty of this beautiful planet. Pictures to remember and to love. Thanks for sharing

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  • @_successpro 6 days ago

    Let's go!

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  • @obrien_lance 6 days ago

    Another awesome feature from you guys. Seriously dope feed!

  • @_t_bones 5 days ago

    Nature 🌍🙌🏾🌍

  • @_senorjefe_ 5 days ago

    Really really dope

  • @projectonejourney 5 days ago

    Chris is an awesome photographer and Sony is just the best for camera! 💓

  • @lisbeth_norton 5 days ago

    The landscapes are so divine and diverse 😀

  • @nikofalltrades 5 days ago

    Not only do the dunes seem like they stretch forever but they also have incredible detail!

  • @emiterrible 5 days ago

    It’s like chocolate.

  • @zauberzey 5 days ago

    Beautiful scenery and awesome leading lines 😊👍

  • @jimallen_ 5 days ago

    @chrisburkard love the endlessness of this shot.

  • @timon_travels 5 days ago

    This is gorgeous 😍

  • @sophiaaloui_ 5 days ago

    Holy wow!

  • @johne.campbell 4 days ago

    Not many more places magical than great Sandune’s national Park. What do you think?

  • @sahil_s_chouhan 4 days ago

    Loved the composition and the way tones are balanced ..... nicely captured

  • @embe_marche 4 days ago

    This is just so insane! So beautiful😍

  • @benharrill 4 days ago

    Incredible colours! How is this not a drone?

  • @galaxytourstravels 4 days ago

    Love this 😍💯

  • @bright_backpacks 4 days ago

    Awesome view 😍

  • @ericfreckman 3 days ago

    Making me want a mirrorless camera !

  • @chrisrocco 3 days ago

    Love this place

  • @theessentialsclothing 3 days ago

    Rad shot!

  • @fskhaute 3 days ago

    Wow awesome! Love it

  • @tylertut 3 days ago

    This is an amazing drone shot!! Love the contrast of the dunes and mountain. Great work 👏

  • @brandonsfotos 2 days ago

    This place looks AMAZING!!

  • 2 days ago

    This is so pretty

  • @plaisantonio 2 days ago

    love the colors in this capture, they are great💕

  • @bohemianwandergirl 2 days ago

    Love it so much

  • @leashy_loves 2 days ago

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  • @vizualwanders 2 days ago

    @chrisburkard always amazing! Hoping to be like you someday!

  • @koala_noah 2 days ago

    Looks like a fun place to go sand boarding

  • @traviswalser yesterday

    Dig that shot guys! That dynamic range is awesome!

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  • @marlenemoutet 13 hours ago

    WoW !!!!

  • @mrdaneli 3 hours ago

    So epic! Love the colors and mood