David Lebovitz ( @davidlebovitz )

5:53 PM Feb 14, 2018
There are a few things I can’t get enough of. In addition to the white wine in that glass, I love radicchio and farro. Ok, I love bacon, too. Here they come together in a fabulous Farrotto, a risotto-like dish made with farro or wheat berries instead of the rice. There’s a great tip in the recipe for getting the same creamy texture as rice, using farro or wheat berries, that works wonders. This was one of the best things I’ve made this year. Granted the year is only 6 weeks old, so I have a ways to go. But I plan to make it again (and again) before the year is up. At least until the radicchio runs out at the marché. Check out the story and recipe I just posted on my blog - yup, the [link in profile] will take you there... . #farro #risotto #petitepeautre #recipe #BACON #radicchio #mushrooms #dinner #winter #Muscadet #whitewine #vinblanc #wine



  • @acultivatedlife 6:01 PM Feb 14, 2018

    Looking forward to trying this out, thank you. ❤️

  • @abeebakes 6:04 PM Feb 14, 2018

    Yum! Such a tempting photo! 👌

  • @aravis_moore 6:11 PM Feb 14, 2018

    I was just this morning googling recipes to use up my rather formidable stash of CSA wheat berries!

  • @eglantinelasserre 6:31 PM Feb 14, 2018

    Love the BACON hashtag in capital letters 😂

  • @this_here_now 6:44 PM Feb 14, 2018

    Love radicchio, farro and THAT PLATE

  • @threehungrybellies 6:45 PM Feb 14, 2018

    It looks beautiful!

  • @vinepair 7:34 PM Feb 14, 2018

    This looks delicious!

  • @saraslavin 8:21 PM Feb 14, 2018

    but wait... that plate is so delicious too🍷

  • @crtrystate 8:26 PM Feb 14, 2018

    Would you share the maker of that snazzy plate/bowl?

  • @yvonnebird1 8:41 PM Feb 14, 2018

    Is Farro the same as “ grains de blé “ in France please ?

  • @ssimoncreates 6 days ago

    Just made farro and wild mushrooms. A great go to on a cold wintery day

  • @irv1918 6 days ago

    I’ve been making Judy Roger’s garrottons all winter. The perfect winter dinner.

  • @gabrielle_schaffner 6 days ago

    All the things I love. Can not wait to give this a whirl.

  • @wineinhk 6 days ago


  • @wineinhk 6 days ago


  • @lalabrashophk 6 days ago

    👍1⃣ 🍀

  • @zemmer311 6 days ago

    @lokieee 😀

  • @ibrake4bakeries 6 days ago

    I made this tonight, using 1/3 kale to 2/3 radicchio and a wee less cheese. Dried shiitake. Fabulous. Difficult not to sit down with the pot. 😉

  • @theworldaccordingtolulu__ 6 days ago

    Oh man I miss farro. There’s no GF equivalent.

  • @davidlebovitz 6 days ago

    @yvonnebird1 It’s similar to petit épeautre

  • @davidlebovitz 6 days ago

    @crtrystate none are marked on the bottom, sorry!

  • @lovinghutorganic 6 days ago

    👍 👍

  • @potterstreet 6 days ago

    @cgreen1217 - trying this for you and me soon!

  • @cgreen1217 6 days ago

    Sounds delicious , I know we will love it. 😋

  • @jnpottery 6 days ago

    This is definitely on my "to try" list!

  • @nazknowz 6 days ago

    Looks delicious

  • @atomoy 5 days ago

    I made this tonight 👍😋

  • @mey104 4 days ago

    Sorry I was there last week 😂😂😉

  • @kkathanne 4 days ago

    love the dish

  • @mademoisellyvonne 3 days ago

    Ditto @kkathanne l'assiette est superbe !

  • @poggiodelfarro 2 days ago

    This looks absolutely delicious!