Which of these 4 would you pick as your English countryside home? 😁 (Swipe to see them all πŸ‘‹β†”οΈ).

The Cotswolds



  • @misssuroy 3 days ago

    Are these AirBnB listings @handluggageonly?

  • @miss.brocklehurst 3 days ago

    Last one! More secluded πŸ˜‚

  • @sashamonai 3 days ago

    The fourth ❀️ I love the English countryside 😊

  • @mellybean1971 3 days ago

    @handluggageonly good to know! #1 it is 😁

  • @treyes06 3 days ago

    πŸ€” 1 or 2

  • @handluggageonly 3 days ago

    @gilded.unicorn Totally recommend it! It’s just so gorgeous here and unlike anywhere else in England.

  • @handluggageonly 3 days ago

    @kateleuhusen Hehehe!!! I like that option! I’d take them all too! If I had to guess, I’d say the first one probably does.

  • @handluggageonly 3 days ago

    @thestyletune Hahaha!!! Me too! I’d happily take them all!

  • @handluggageonly 3 days ago

    @ishipishy It is pretty! And it looks so cosy inside too!

  • @handluggageonly 3 days ago

    @whereintheworldistosh They really are. More and more I’m swaying towards the first one but I’d happily take them all. 😁

  • @handluggageonly 3 days ago

    @mazedlife_ Nice!!! I think that one looks like one of those places that seems tiny from outside but is like a pretty spacious and like a labyrinth inside. πŸ˜„

  • @handluggageonly 3 days ago

    @julia_mourne Nice! It’s in such an incredible spot in Bibury too!

  • @julia_mourne 3 days ago

    @handluggageonly its stunning. I love it there

  • @beclucas1 3 days ago


  • @lorie.drummond 3 days ago

    The 2nd one speaks to me, but perhaps it’s because Yaya is standing out in front. The Cotswolds are beautiful, I’m quite sure I would be content to live there in a tent. 😳

  • @dannybookworm 3 days ago

    Well. I’d need to see them from the inside to decide .. but the second one with the cute mint door 😍

  • @kainxs 3 days ago


  • @handluggageonly 3 days ago

    @angeeza_bh 😁😁😁

  • @handluggageonly 3 days ago

    @typhainejouanne Yeah, I can totally see that. I do wonder where that cottage from the film actually is... πŸ€”

  • @handluggageonly 3 days ago

    @scrapbookmum_ 😁😁 Brilliant choice! πŸ˜„

  • @handluggageonly 3 days ago

    @misssuroy Not sure. I know 2 can be rented out. But not sure what the whole process around that is.

  • @handluggageonly 3 days ago

    @miss.brocklehurst Hehe!!! That’s true! No wall to wall neighbours.

  • @handluggageonly 3 days ago

    @sashamonai Same here!!! It’s just so idyllic around here.

  • @handluggageonly 3 days ago

    @treyes06 I’m tending towards 1 too. I’d happily take anyone though. πŸ˜€πŸ˜„

  • @handluggageonly 3 days ago

    @lorie.drummond Hahaha!!! We should get some side by side! πŸ˜πŸ˜„ The Cotswolds are just so pretty.

  • @handluggageonly 3 days ago

    @kainxs 😁😁

  • @handluggageonly 3 days ago

    @dannybookworm That’s probably the only one (and maybe 4 slightly) that I got to see the inside of and you wouldn’t be disappointed here. It’s lovely inside too! 😁

  • @handluggageonly 3 days ago

    @mellybean1971 Good choice! (Also I meant to write tall not tell. πŸ˜†)

  • @misssuroy 3 days ago

    @handluggageonly thanks so much

  • @evelena3 3 days ago

    @handluggageonly I can’t wait to get back to England some day. Maybe next year? Fingers crossed! β™₯️

  • @paodamo 2 days ago

    @ioanasantos estΓ‘ na lista?? πŸ˜‰

  • @ioanasantos 2 days ago

    @paodamo que mΓ‘ximo

  • @typhainejouanne 2 days ago

    @handluggageonly it’s not real it was actually built for the movie but i think you managed to find its real life brother 😜

  • @vagabondkevin 2 days ago


  • @maliazaidi 2 days ago

    The first one, but they are all lovely!

  • @handluggageonly 2 days ago

    @vagabondkevin 😊😁

  • @handluggageonly 2 days ago

    @maliazaidi They really are - I totally agree! 😁

  • @bernadett_antal yesterday

    No 4 πŸ’•

  • @ak_jenger 20 hours ago


  • @ak_jenger 20 hours ago

    Or #2