Right now, healing looks like this: going home after a long shift, not getting angry with myself about needing a nap, taking the nap, waking up and feeling like the world is about to end, lacing up my converse despite the feeling, and skating to Eastcliff while listening to my favorite music and reminding myself how to feel better—and, even if the world did end at that moment, at least I found myself a great view. . . . . . . . . . #skateordie #cruiseorlose #adventuresinescapingnaptimepurgatory #capitolaca #santacruzca #eastcliffdr #santacruzsunset #afterlight @afterlight

East cliff, Santa Cruz, CA



  • @dot_carolyn 7:19 PM Jan 16, 2018

    Nothing compares to God’s creation to renew our spirit!!! 😜