My Son in his element , diving in Plett yesterday ! My Husband not so happy , had to watch from a lounger after flying off his mountain bike 10 days ago ! Stitches and wounds everywhere ... !! #holidaytime #diving #seadive #plettenbergbay #watersports #thesearethedays #happychild #africanchild #waterbaby



  • @bianca_furman 4 days ago

    Hope he is better soon! @suebondinteriors xxx

  • @suebondinteriors 4 days ago

    Men @bianca_furman !! He thinks he's still 18 ! ❤️

  • @laurenma48 4 days ago

    Oh poor man!! Such good intentions. Too much too soon?!!

  • @suebondinteriors 4 days ago

    He's full of scars @laurenma48 ! CamelMan !

  • @kapptein 4 days ago

    A mountain bike accident is never good, sorry to hear that @suebondinteriors ! Speedy recovery! You know what we men are like while recovering...

  • @suebondinteriors 4 days ago

    You said it @kapptein !

  • @foreverhomeinspiration 3 days ago

    Sorry only saw this now ... Hope Craig gets better soon

  • @suebondinteriors 3 days ago

    Thank you @foreverhomeinspiration ! He's a toughie !! Stitches come out on Wed ...he'll be back on that bike ! You know him well !

  • @bluebelltwo 2 days ago

    brave husband....wishing him a good recovery and lots of hugs by you all

  • @suebondinteriors 2 days ago

    Thank you @bluebelltwo ! He will soon be back on that damn bicycle !!