Decisions, decisions - knowing which path to take can be a tricky one. Sometimes getting on the water and clearing your head can be the best decision you make.  Just let the water lead the way! . . . #SUP #paddleboarding #watersports #surf #paddeboard #starboard #paddleboardingadventures #sea #beachlife #creaks #standupaddle #watersports #brancaster #paddlefit #livelife #onelife #lifegoals  #northnorfolk  #norfolk #norfolkbeach #follow #gopro #surfinglife #standuppaddleboarding #thegoproshow #brancasterbeach . . Photo credit - Chris Holt @norfolkpaddlesurfer . Follow @hunstantonwatersports for more For information on our courses and lessons contact - | 01485 534455 | [email protected]

Brancaster, Norfolk



  • @thekiteexperience 3 days ago

    Great shot!

  • @hunstantonwatersports 3 days ago

    @thekiteexperience cheers guys!

  • @bblookes 3 days ago

    >([@ proudfitfam])< would love this direct message them and follow them now. 😃

  • @kitegirlsunited 3 days ago

    Looks like a perfect SUP day!

  • @hunstantonwatersports 3 days ago

    @kitegirlsunited it sure was!!

  • @kerry_21_ 3 days ago

    Hi guys. Do you still have a shop?

  • @that_kite_couple 3 days ago

    It's like meditation 👌

  • @daniel_rutten 3 days ago

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  • @hunstantonwatersports 3 days ago

    @daniel_rutten thanks man

  • @hunstantonwatersports 3 days ago

    @kerry_21_ Hi Kerry. Not anymore we used to. Purely a school now. What are you looking for...? I may be able to help.

  • @hunstantonwatersports 3 days ago

    @that_kite_couple Sure is. Water like glass.

  • @hunstantonwatersports 3 days ago

    @bblookes Just have Boss

  • @kerry_21_ 3 days ago

    @hunstantonwatersports I'd like to get a paddle board for the weather gets bit warmer. An affordable one 😂

  • @hunstantonwatersports 3 days ago

    @kerry_21_ OK cool. I can definitely help in the paddleboard dept. Send us a DM of you budget etc.

  • @kitejoy_magazine 3 days ago

    Well said! Totally agree 🙌

  • @meerkite 3 days ago


  • @wakeupstoked 3 days ago

    What a stunning nature 😍

  • @kitemanu 2 days ago

    The color of the water just looks insane 😍😎

  • @hunstantonwatersports yesterday

    @kitemanu I know! Sop flat also!

  • @thesheridanboss yesterday

    Amen to that!