Awesome crosshair clip of a big buck taking a solid chest shot. Nice clean harvest of a great deer. From the guys at @monsterblacktail, well done.πŸ‘πŸ»



  • @luke_donnan_26 8:38 PM Jan 15, 2018

    @nunop10 and yet, this is the right spot to shoot... good lord. And the more damage in the right spot kills the animal quicker. I have 3 weapons myself; a 30-30 for when I’m going after deer and bear in the brush, a .30-06 for elk, moose, Bighorn rams, deer, bear, basically anything, and my .308 Win for long distance shooting for anything. There’s nothing wrong with using a powerful gun with a bigger bullet to ensure a kill.

  • @what_a_logan 8:38 PM Jan 15, 2018


  • @luke_donnan_26 8:40 PM Jan 15, 2018

    @nunop10 and yet you can take an elk and a buck with the same gun... you really just want to argue about nothing don’t you?

  • @luke_donnan_26 8:42 PM Jan 15, 2018

    @nunop10 and I take elk and moose with my .308. It really doesn’t matter after a certain point. And if you watch the video the deer starts to stumble and go down as the video ends...

  • @billerboys_ 9:27 PM Jan 15, 2018

    Freaking awesome 😍😍

  • @archy35 10:27 PM Jan 15, 2018


  • @gauge_bowman 10:29 PM Jan 15, 2018

    You could see the blood know that is cool

  • @azbackpackhunter 10:32 PM Jan 15, 2018

    @louey999 what part of human history has anyone ever gone hand to hand with an animal? Keep hiding behind your keyboard.

  • @azbackpackhunter 10:33 PM Jan 15, 2018

    @visokoaktivni_soceopat yup you should us.

  • @azbackpackhunter 10:34 PM Jan 15, 2018

    @r1986n0501 lol

  • @azbackpackhunter 10:35 PM Jan 15, 2018

    No tracking needed it. That shot killed him

  • @dylan_musselwhite03 11:29 PM Jan 15, 2018

    @nunop10 yeah, anybody that knows anything can clearly tell u don't know shit about guns or hunting

  • @jacobtree1416 12:03 AM Jan 16, 2018

    @ab_james00 don't doubt he didn't die. But the shot was back. Would like to see it further up

  • @ab_james00 12:51 AM Jan 16, 2018

    @jacobtree1416 just a half inch back. I guess it would depend on your caliber and so forth. My 300 weatherby wouldn’t have a problem dropping him 😜

  • @brandt.bob 1:09 AM Jan 16, 2018

    That was awesome video! Nothing wrong with that shot!! Look at the amount of blood! Nice buck!

  • @grim1776 6 days ago

    @louey999 lmfao. You wouldn’t be saying to anyone’s face. Talk about coward you fucking keyboard warrior pussy

  • @sheepdog_brethren 6 days ago

    Nice shot, wait to be patient!!

  • @nunop10 6 days ago

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  • @ecocharliezulu 6 days ago

    A terrible gut shot, you son of a worm.

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  • @fitzpatrickian 6 days ago

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  • @fitzpatrickian 6 days ago

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  • @fitzpatrickian 6 days ago

    @ecocharliezulu that was double lung man.

  • @visokoaktivni_soceopat 6 days ago

    @fitzpatrickian I see who’s disgusting ❀️

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  • @whosjam 6 days ago

    Solid chest shot? If by chest you mean gut.

  • @maxwell_jj9 6 days ago

    @lochie_robbo9 this is sick πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

  • @coltdaly 6 days ago

    Nice shot

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  • @vlad_bog98 4 days ago

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  • @javier_ruiz21 3 days ago

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  • @mohsen_darvishi3036 yesterday

    Nice shot son worm

  • @baseballisli2082 yesterday

    Great shot you ruin the shoulders if it was any further up

  • @dominikx6 11 hours ago