Agra, India. • When your train is 5 hours late into Agra and you literally have One-Hour to be showered, feed and in the Lobby so that we can head to the #TajMahal. All this on only a few hours sleep, due to being woken at 4am by an Elderly Indian Man yelling in my face "WHO ARE YOU!? WHY ARE YOU IN MY BED?" "THIS IS MY SEAT, WHERE IS YOUR TICKET?" (Long story short; He was in the bloody WRONG CARRIAGE.. ) So being the organized women we are we decided to order Room Service before we started showering and getting ready. so that by the time we were done the food would be arriving. And thats exactly how it went 👊 #thatshowitsdone. #agra #india #indiangetaway #LiveIntrepid #IntrepidTravel #shewhoadventures88

Agra, Uttar Pradesh



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