Miami, Florida



  • @rosalindlipsett 7:59 AM Jan 14, 2018


  • @juneellisbeauty 6 days ago

    So pretty

  • @oh.sherry_ 6 days ago

    @juneellisbeauty she really is!

  • @laurenxxsteptoe 6 days ago


  • @kerrymhirsch 6 days ago

    She went to my High School and we went to her Cheer Camp in SB... she came and helped our squad at Van Nuys High even after she had graduated ... She is such a kind person and was so dedicated and talented! She turned the Laker Girls into an Amazing Dance Squad!

  • @oh.sherry_ 6 days ago

    @kerrymhirsch so inspiring too... the way she never gave up on Lakers and tried out 3 different times on same day... not taking no as an answer!

  • @uniqueangel180 4 days ago

    @oh.sherry_ amen! Great move!