We miss our buddy Kevin! His place is so magical for anyone in #vanagon #world as each of these 400+ #vwbuses has a story to tell about a vacation or a #gratefuldead show/tour. The stickers on some of these give cues to its life on the road 😊💕 #happysunday y’all #sundayfunday #sundayvibes #vw #vwbus #volkswagen #volkswagenbus #jerrygarcia #ontour #camping #camplife #westfalia #poptop #milesandmiles #syncro #4x4 #vwlove #vdub #vw❤️ #virginia #vuhvanagon #winter #restoration #project #adventuretime #travel



  • @nydubber 5 days ago

    I used to work up the road and drive by daily. He would never sell anything (complete Vans) regardless of color or trim level. 😞

  • @bagged_lunch 5 days ago


  • @capcityvanagons 5 days ago

    @nydubber he sells a few

  • @nydubber 5 days ago

    But yes, "magical" is the perfect way of describing it. Especially on the east coast!

  • @aikenwesty 5 days ago

    More red vans than anywhere, ever

  • @theparkedcar 5 days ago

    Why does he have so many if he doesn't sell a lot?

  • @baloni 5 days ago


  • @con_safos602 5 days ago

    Can’t take them with him when he is dead

  • @71transporter 5 days ago

    I wanna go!

  • @hectorgarciiaa 5 days ago

    where is ?

  • @kcdyer 5 days ago

    Where is THIS!? Lol

  • @facerelli 5 days ago


  • @th_ramos4 4 days ago


  • @florian_vw 4 days ago

    @th_ramos4 mega

  • @kristi.l.s 4 days ago

    i think every contry has view such kind of collectors. Usually they have many buses, they dont sell any, thyey always think that one day almost all buses will be restored. Even if there are trees growing thru some buses, still dont sell, only buyng new ones. I know here in Estonia have atleast 3 such kind of guys, they are like citylegends, every bus lover know they excists but nobody almost dont know them personaly.

  • @josephshmow 4 days ago


  • @johntyler92130 4 days ago

    It's in Pulaski, VA.

  • @equit20 4 days ago

    Where is this heaven?? 😍👍👍

  • @fjl3p 4 days ago

    @uvanagon ...

  • @muddybrookpotter 4 days ago

    @lynn_arlo 400 Vanagons - we have a ways to go

  • @capcityvanagons 4 days ago

    @kristi.l.s this particular guy, Kevin, is an awesome guy. He LOVES Vanagons like all of us

  • @fazapops 4 days ago


  • @abbiizzy 4 days ago

    @josephshmow OMG!!!!! Twins everywhere. ❤️❤️❤️

  • @bkolonick_ 4 days ago

    Why you weren’t kidding, this is great!

  • @irieandme 4 days ago

    @a_b_wilson 👍

  • @mr.beglan 4 days ago

    OH MY GOSH!!!

  • @capcityvanagons 4 days ago

    @theparkedcar loves Vans and can afford to have them 😁

  • @capcityvanagons 4 days ago

    @kcdyer Virginia

  • @stonerkevin 2 days ago

    This is incredible