San Pedro, Belize



  • @kimdacayo 6 days ago

    Bahahahahahha! We survived. Barely

  • @courtneyaguzman 6 days ago

    I love your page!

  • @elsaandrose 6 days ago

    Feel free to send the pic with our bikini to [email protected] and we may repost ❤️

  • @kreeschun 6 days ago

    Y’all have the same smile

  • @krisxtine216 6 days ago

    @kimdacayo lol dem pot holes doe 💀

  • @krisxtine216 6 days ago

    @courtneyaguzman thank you ☺️❤️

  • @krisxtine216 6 days ago

    @elsaandrose absolutely ❤️

  • @krisxtine216 6 days ago

    @kreeschun we’ve gotten called sisters like 10 times already

  • @jackk_925 6 days ago

    Was there last year. Its fun riding around town in those carts lol

  • @kreeschun 4 days ago

    @krisxtine216 well that makes sense ;)

  • @adri_s_world 2 days ago

    Hey girlie! I’m going next week and just trying to find a golf cart company. Do you remember who you rented from?

  • @krisxtine216 2 days ago

    @adri_s_world hey love! We actually rented from the resort we stayed at! At the most though they said it should be around 65-70 usd

  • @adri_s_world 2 days ago

    @krisxtine216 aaah ok! I’m trying to rent it but we are staying at el secreto and no one wants to let us rent a golf cart to go there since the road there is pretty bumpy :( thank you tho!

  • @krisxtine216 2 days ago

    @adri_s_world yes the roads are craaaaazy bumpy. I didn’t think our cart would make it 😂 you can prob rent one in the city though for cheap ❤️

  • @adri_s_world 2 days ago

    @krisxtine216 thank you!!! Being from Chicago I’m used to pot holes haha or so you’d think