First paddle for 2018! Felt good to be back in a #kayak and already I’m planning which races I’ll compete in over the next few months. I did try to remember the advice @dewsk14 and @aj_ratbagracing gave me a month or so back on my technique too - I hope I did their advice justice. 📷: @thecountofhoops #melbourne #kayaking #nature #adventure #outdoors #water #explore #river #paddle #beautiful #sun #kayaker #paddling #kayaklife #weekend #fitness #sport #active #australia #outdoor #watersports #thisgirlcanvic #changeourgame #mywhf #whwins #womeninsport #fit

Fairfield Boathouse, Fairfield



  • @thomas_thoresen 5 days ago

    Bet it wont be the last one either when you have weather like that ☀️

  • @c.buyse 5 days ago

    It’s a great way to mix both sport and nature and kayak is so much fun ! 😊

  • @fitlifesix 5 days ago

    Kayaking is so cool 😃

  • @nictatt 5 days ago

    @thomas_thoresen certainly not, especially with state champs in the next few months

  • @nictatt 5 days ago

    @fitlifesix and @c.buyse I’ve been competing in marathon kayaking and canoeing the past 3 or so years

  • @offcharlton 5 days ago

    niice pics😎😎

  • @nictatt 5 days ago

    @offcharlton thank you 😊

  • @thisgirlcanvic 5 days ago

    Beautiful day for it @nictatt! How far did you paddle today?

  • @meldawson 5 days ago

    Nice, I love kayaking too

  • @jezzakent 5 days ago

    Frank Harrison 2018?

  • @nictatt 5 days ago

    @thisgirlcanvic today was an easy 8km

  • @nictatt 5 days ago

    @jezzakent I’m not 100% decided just yet.

  • @oscar_johansen 5 days ago

    Kayaking is so therapeutic

  • @rhys.walshe 5 days ago

    Looks like fun! 🖒🖒🖒

  • @holly_kilkeary 5 days ago

    Hope you had a great time!

  • @bellahibbs 5 days ago

    So cool! Kayaking is fun but it's totally a workout too!

  • @uniquefit17 5 days ago

    I’ve always wanted to go kayaking!

  • @nicolekatefitness 5 days ago

    So cool! Nothing better to do in summer!

  • @janeym0o 5 days ago

    Awesome! I love kayaking!

  • @deszyfit 4 days ago

    I tried kayaking once... It didn't go well🙈

  • @thisgirlcanvic 4 days ago

    It must have been amazing to get back out there @nictatt!