Today I caught the tail of my surfboard to my face. Rushed to the E.R. 3 stitches above the eye & 6 inside of my mouth. Yes, inside of my mouth. A huge thank you to Dr. Berryman and Dr. Liberman for taking excellent care of me & putting in some tricky sutures. Tons of respect for these fine professionals. Remember: always treat the ocean with respect or you’ll pay the piper like I did. Can’t wait to get out there soon! Huge shoutout to my parents & @blakelibby & @rastashark for taking care of me. . . . . . #surf #injury #doctors #florida #fortpierce #surfer #medicine

Indian River Medical Center



  • @aparki7 4 days ago

    Glad you're well man👍

  • @swan_mcflight 4 days ago

    @aparki7 thank you so much!

  • @mikemarshmella 4 days ago

    Glad you guys are ok!! Good looking out @blakelibby

  • @swan_mcflight 4 days ago

    @mikemarshmella thanks man 😊

  • @slauth012 4 days ago

    Chicks dig scars 👍🏼

  • @swan_mcflight 4 days ago

    @slauth012 it’s true you know

  • @murphh 4 days ago

    I was under the impression that you were good at surfing..? Glad your okay though

  • @swan_mcflight 4 days ago

    @murphh hahaha I sent it too hard!!! Thank you😊

  • @indiesteve 4 days ago

    Dang bruh u gnar af

  • @swan_mcflight 4 days ago

    @indiesteve lollll unlucky af

  • @shelbyvarner 4 days ago

    Feel better dude!

  • @swan_mcflight 4 days ago

    Thank you!

  • @ryanmia23 4 days ago

    Feel better cuzzzzyyyy

  • @swan_mcflight 4 days ago

    @ryanmia23 thanks Cous love ya

  • @vsguzek 4 days ago

    You’re a champ! Get well soon!!

  • @swan_mcflight 4 days ago

    @vsguzek thank you 😊

  • @xtina_witt 4 days ago

    Feel better!!!!!!

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    @xtina_witt thank you 😊

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  • @swan_mcflight 4 days ago

    @its_just_greg ya it hurts lol

  • @sunkat21 4 days ago

    Ahhhh! Sean! Get better soon!!

  • @swan_mcflight 4 days ago

    @sunkat21 thank you 😊

  • @kberens09 4 days ago

    Ahhh feel better!

  • @swan_mcflight 4 days ago

    @kberens09 thank you ☺️

  • @lauren.vivirito 4 days ago

    Ya look pretty good for having all those dang stitches! Feel better soon Sean 😊

  • @swan_mcflight 4 days ago

    @lauren.vivirito thank you 😊 hope you’re well

  • @clifto 4 days ago

    Rough! Glad you got to the doctor!

  • @swan_mcflight 4 days ago

    @clifto thanks my man! Hope you’re doing well

  • @mcknuget 4 days ago

    Omg so glad you're okay cuz

  • @dcdogpal 4 days ago

    Get well soon!!!

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    @mcknuget thanks cuz!

  • @swan_mcflight 4 days ago

    @dcdogpal thank you 😊😊😊

  • @lebonathan 4 days ago

    I swear to God I only see pictures of you when you're injured

  • @lebonathan 4 days ago

    Get better soon, damnit

  • @swan_mcflight 3 days ago

    @lebonathan hahaha thanks my man!

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  • @fleur_de_laur 3 days ago

    Ah! hoping for a speedy recovery!

  • @swan_mcflight 3 days ago

    @fleur_de_laur thank you!!!

  • @kooyen yesterday

    Sean! Glad you are ok, get better soon

  • @swan_mcflight yesterday

    @kooyen thank you thank you! 😊😊😊😊