Here I am with my #KarachiEat review. Part 1 - 1/2 of Event Management 1. Too crowded. Limited space to get in, ticket counters and even to get out, like why do you need to open just a yard space for people to go was a mess at the end. 2. We managed to reach at 3:30, so we're able to get inside with no hassle at all and get our tickets within 20 mins however, people who came later than 5, experienced delays. And by the time we got out of the festival, we noticed that there was a huge line that ended at Mai Kolachi road (the entry gates were from the middle of the park, so it would be around 700 metres at least). So, if you're going today, or planning to go tomorrow, be there by 2 max, or else don't make yourself and your family suffer. 3. I didn't find any prayers area, I think there should've been one. Also, I didn't find any restrooms...or may be I didn't find any guides who could tell me where these things were, I asked a few, they didn't know. 4. I didn't find enough waste bins...if it's a food festival, a lot of those would be needed. The management probably failed to realise that. As a result, I could find lots of litter on the ground. 5. The stalls were well managed. Like there was no litter outside the stalls and the staff was very courteous and clean. The placement wasn't done very well. I think it was a bit too tightly done, they could've utilised the whole park instead of having 4 stall lanes vertically in half of the park. That made it feel very congested when there were people in it. There were many places where I felt like I couldn't breathe. Disclaimer: This is just my opinion and for help of all of you out there. Your experience can be different from mine. So enjoy your most but, take precautionary measures. #Karachi #KHIEAT #food #wanderlust #fly #morning #weekend #summer #festival #nature #travel #travelgram #nofilter #igers #iger #igersworld #Pakistan #cars #sky #roadtrip #potd #love #life #vacation #trees #beautiful #leisure

Karachi Eat Food Festival



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