Kim435 ( @kim_435 )

5 days ago
Time to set sail!! It’s a beautiful day with Family at this cute little place!! #lakehavasu #boating #familyfirst #lakelife #bloodmarysarethebest #luckyme #thelifewelive #arizonafun #beautiful #grandparentsday

Lake Havasu Beach



  • @azil1972 5 days ago

    Makes me homesick!!! Went to HS there!!

  • @jperry53 5 days ago

    I used to go to Lake Havasu a lot as a kid! Enjoy this great time with your family😍🌞!

  • @havasuphotos 5 days ago


  • @kim_435 3 days ago

    @azil1972 I thought of you and told my daughter a funny boot camp story with you!! Haha. Hope you are great.

  • @azil1972 3 days ago

    @kim_435 life is good!!

  • @kim_435 3 days ago

    @jperry53 I loved it. My parents are living there for the winters.