( @swimbaiting_ma )

3:55 PM Jan 13, 2018
Thanks to @hydrilla_gorilla I traded for this sweet lookin flash carp! Add another big bait to the 2018 #bigbaitarsenal #swimbaitma #deps250 #heroorzero

The Berkshires



  • @jpanusewicz 3:59 PM Jan 13, 2018

    Looks more like a herring than a carp to me!!!!

  • @swimbaiting_ma 4:04 PM Jan 13, 2018

    @jpanusewicz I could see that too, it could go either way. The carp where I am are that same color as well

  • @jpanusewicz 4:07 PM Jan 13, 2018

    @swimbaiting_ma oh really. I am also from ma. Plymouth to be exact, what part of ma are you from? What kind of carp are you imitating???

  • @swimbaiting_ma 4:24 PM Jan 13, 2018

    @jpanusewicz I’m from the western part of Berkshire county . I’m imitating a common carp, it’s what we have the most of out here

  • @jpanusewicz 5:08 PM Jan 13, 2018

    @swimbaiting_ma nice. In Plymouth we imitate a ton of trout, herring, sunfish and crappie

  • @swimbaiting_ma 5:15 PM Jan 13, 2018

    @jpanusewicz put here it’s usually bluegill, baby bass and frogs and some carp, there isn’t a ton of trout in the lakes out this way which is why I traded my old slide swimmer in trout for a flash carp.

  • @jpanusewicz 5:32 PM Jan 13, 2018

    @swimbaiting_ma nice. Big bait big fish. What’s your pb???

  • @swimbaiting_ma 6:35 PM Jan 13, 2018

    My pb is 7.12 pounds, hbu?

  • @swimbaiting_ma 6:36 PM Jan 13, 2018

    @jpanusewicz what’s your pb?

  • @jpanusewicz 10:10 PM Jan 13, 2018

    @swimbaiting_ma 10.2 pounds. I will dm you

  • @hydrilla_gorilla 11:12 PM Jan 15, 2018

    Hope you break your PB on it! Really stoked you like the bait, I'm very happy with our deal as well. 😎

  • @swimbaiting_ma 11:32 PM Jan 15, 2018

    @hydrilla_gorilla I can’t wait til the ice gets off the lakes because that will be the very first bait I’ll be throwing! Glad you like yours as well! Keep me updated on what you get with the emerald trout!👍🏻