Life is all about stunning moments. I took the SUP out this afternoon and found this! Raw and uncut kid happiness... Who needs a Playstation or Smartphone when you have an ocean, canoe and a song in your heart! What Matters Most. Embrace Life. Save Oceans. It was sooooo much fun hanging with these cuties.... #whatmattersmost #sup #supinparadise #magicalmunda #embracelife #saveoceans #saveoceans #happykids #happiness #songs #somuchfun #songsinparadise #stunning #moments #wishyouwerehere



  • @jesper__rosenberg 5 days ago

    So cool!

  • @valleylaef 5 days ago

    Beautiful moments in a spectacular and special part of the South Pacific. Absolutely who needs gadgets when you got the great outdoors as your PlayStation

  • @candace_day yesterday

    So sweet. Love it.

  • @candace_day yesterday

    Did you ever get any pics while you and Grace went diving?

  • @mychoicemyvoice yesterday

    No I am so sorry @candace_day - we were doing training dives mostly so we do not take photos then. Come back for a visit and we can take plenty! XXX

  • @mychoicemyvoice yesterday

    Thanks @valleylaef @jesper__rosenberg :-)