Plastic tides are washing up on our coastlines all over the world . Disrupting natural eco Systems mimicking food that many creatures eat! inundating the bio ,and phytoplankton biomass of our oceans! In some places ,the plastic particles out number the sand, on our beaches !! this picture is from 2 ft.² of Beach in Southern California they have offshore winds if you can imagine what we see in Hawaii hundreds of times that amount because the trade winds blow things from all over the pacific ! we need to change our disposable lifestyles ! because this is changing our environment and destroying it! especially those who live near coastlines almost 2,000,000 straws a day in San Diego County alone where they go ?try and #stopsucking try #pocketfullofplastic every time you go to the beach most of all trying to give up this disposable lifestyle and make things count! Reuse, recycle ,rethink, and innovate!!! Thank you @ryharrisshapes @h2standup @sustainsurf @earthtechnologies @entropyresins @plastictides @enjoyhandplanes @firewiresurfboards @zaniac1 @mat5o @markofoamblanks @connoratech @conbax @hqkites @goldencoastmead @vigorandjoy @_thefarmproject @kendall_farms @slackbarrett @realsaltlife @earthtohome