Hammyhaus ( @hammyhaus )

4:02 AM Dec 8, 2017
Here's my #bestnine2017! 🎉Thank you for all your continued support, it means so much to me. 😭 I had some big wins in 2017, but I have bigger plans for 2018! I'm working on a major over haul for my social media, plan to reopen my shop, and have lots of #coords and fabric designs planned. 😊❤️ #kawaiiart #kawaiiloli #kawaiilifestyle #kawaiilife #pastellove #pastellife #purrmaid #mariearistocats #hellokitty #lolitasyle #lolitafashion #rabbit #rabbitlover #hammyhaus



  • @sleepyv 5:24 AM Dec 8, 2017

    I still can't believe I was so lucky so have won one of your works!! Your art is wonderfully adorable and you work so hard on them all! 💖 my Marie is still in my husband and i's living room sitting pretty on a shelf!! :D when I get my office set up properly she's going to be hung there : )

  • @batnbunny 3:43 AM Dec 9, 2017

    I’m so excited for our 2018!!! Bring it on!!

  • @hammyhaus 12:17 AM Dec 10, 2017

    @sleepyv Awww thanks for all your support! I'm glad she ended up in a good home! 💘

  • @hammyhaus 12:18 AM Dec 10, 2017

    @batnbunny SAME. BRING ITTTTTT. 💖