I’m taking you inside The 2017 Christmas Reveal Tour tomorrow on the blog!! Here is a peek at the foyer! I L❤️VE that it looks like Santa sat down in the cozy chair we prepared for him, slipped off his snowy boots, had some Secret Egg Nog, and munched on a cookie or two 😂!!

Dallas, Texas



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  • @samanthajrow 6 days ago

    I love that your house is full of color! Every house you see is all white and very sterile. I love color 🌈

  • @mcfatherdesigns 6 days ago

    So cute !! Love it 😍

  • @rosiefofo 6 days ago

    Seriously the most perfect Xmas tree ever!! So beautiful 🎄❤️💚💙

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  • @turtlecreeklane 6 days ago

    @rosiefofo Thank you!!! My kids love it!! ❤️💙

  • @turtlecreeklane 6 days ago

    @samanthajrow I love white, BUT I know what you mean!! I NEED color in my world!! 😀 It makes me happy!!

  • @turtlecreeklane 6 days ago

    @mcben13 Thank you!!

  • @turtlecreeklane 6 days ago

    @craftymv I’m sure you do!!!! 😘

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    @pamela_at_home I do too!!!! It makes me smile 😀

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    @glammadodie Thank you!! I’m so happy you do!!! 💗

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    @babamwreaths No that’s YOU!! 💙❄️💙

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    @cassie85harrell I love them too!! I’ve never done this color scheme before!! 💙❤️Thank you!!!

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    @kellumskreations I just visited your IG!!! Wow!!! You are AMAZING!!! So talented!! 💗

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    @astyledlifeblog Thank you so much!!! 😀

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    @_.ellie_thomasxx She is in a photo shoot all day today!!! It’s her birthday 🎂

  • @turtlecreeklane 6 days ago

    @priscillablain I do too!!! Have you ever done this color scheme??? I hadn’t! ❤️

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    @margaritasdecor Thank you!! I’m so happy you like it!! ❤️❄️❤️

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    @turtlecreeklane can u ask her if she can open her direct message from me I wished her a happy. Birthday and can she go live tomorrow xxxx

  • @turtlecreeklane 6 days ago

    @cupcakecountrygirl I just visited your IG!! Love the gingerbread!!! I’ve been collecting for about 19 years too!!! It’s THE BEST!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!! ❄️❤️

  • @turtlecreeklane 6 days ago

    @lovelyro_1 Awww... thank you so much!!! Have a wonderful holiday season!! ❄️❤️

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    I’m in love with this 😍😍😍😍

  • @kellumskreations 6 days ago

    @turtlecreeklane omgoooodness!!! I can't tell you how much that means to me coming from you!! Thank you so much!!!

  • @mattypings 6 days ago

    Beautiful love it!

  • @jennett77 6 days ago

    Like a Christmas card 🎄

  • @dixiecali 6 days ago

    I absolutely LOVE your Christmas decor!!! It’s gorgeous! You have such a gift!! I live in Atlanta, how do I get your full list of favorite things? Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas! - Joy

  • @turtlecreeklane 6 days ago

    @jennett77 Thank you! 💖

  • @peggyleeclark 6 days ago

    Absolutely beautiful!!! One bucket list trip for me would be to see your beautiful home during this season one year! I love Christmas and yours is a Fairy Tail Dream! Breathtaking!!🎄👑❤️

  • @chicandshabby.nl 6 days ago

    Stunning!! You a great inspiration! Thank you!

  • @mum_of_3kiddos 6 days ago

    Happy Birthday Tiff!❤️

  • @turtlecreeklane 6 days ago

    @peggyleeclark Oh I would love for you to visit!! 💗

  • @pamrunyon 5 days ago

    So sweet and so pretty, too.

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    Ooh we love this!😍

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    Christmas dream perfection!!!

  • @lisagreen26 5 days ago

    So glad the Santa boot fiasco turned out well 😂

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    @jessie_campbell this would be fun 📯🎄

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    Stunning! ❤️🎄💚

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    Now when I see those santa boots I just laugh!🤷🏽‍♀️🤪🤣