Very excited to share that not only is @laughingdogdaycare soon to be a new stockist of my tug toys πŸ˜πŸŽ‰ but I also got to spend a couple of days there last week taking care of these cuties! 😍 So many beautiful doggies! It was so much fun to hang out with them giving them lots cuddles, ear rubs, ball chasing and of course tuggy time! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„πŸ’šπŸ’™ Laughing Dog Day Care is another local small business who are very passionate about dogs and their welfare and supporting other small businesses πŸ™Œβ€ Maria and Richard are both wonderful, caring people and really love dogs and love taking care of them as if they were their own pups! So happy that I'll be dropping in to spend time taking care of the daycare pups when they need a hand! ☺ They're located in St Marys in an easy to get to spot if you're heading into town just off South Rd so if you're looking for a doggy day care in the south drop by to check them out and your pup might even get to have cuddles from me πŸ˜„πŸ€—πŸΆπŸ€—β€ Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend full of cuddles! πŸ˜„β˜ΊπŸ’–πŸ’• * * * #fuzzydogtugtoys #fuzzydogtugtoy #handmadewithlove #tuggyclub #doglover #dogtoys #tugtoy #tugofwar #ropetoy #tugtoys #adelaide #adelaidedogdaycare #adelaidedoggydaycare #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #instadogs #puppiesofinstagram #dogsofsa #dogsofaustralia #handmade #australiamade #smallbusiness #dogaccessories #petaccessories #adelaidebusiness #dogsofadelaide #adelaidedogs #dogsofaustralia #handmadeadelaide #handmadeaustralia



  • @hopkinshunde 9:23 PM Nov 17, 2017

    Congratulations! The day care puppies are so lucky to have you ❀

  • @laughingdogdaycare 11:01 PM Nov 17, 2017

    Thanks Emily! Your toys are amazing and as everyone can see - stand up to some pretty tough tuggers! We are so thrilled to have found you - your understanding and love of dogs is a perfect match to our philosophy of love and care at Laughing Dog! πŸ’–

  • @ruby_reddog 8:44 AM Nov 18, 2017

    Awesome to see so many dogs πŸ• having fun

  • @fuzzydogtugtoys 9:06 PM Nov 18, 2017

    @hopkinshunde Aww thank you - you're too kind! 😘I'm the lucky one to get to spend time with so many lovely doggies! πŸ˜πŸ’•

  • @fuzzydogtugtoys 9:10 PM Nov 18, 2017

    @laughingdogdaycare Oh you are so lovely β˜ΊπŸ’– Thank you so much for all your kind words! I'm so happy that I met you too! I love your true dog lover's philosophy - all the day care pups are very lucky to be in such good hands with you at Laughing Dog ☺❀

  • @fuzzydogtugtoys 9:11 PM Nov 18, 2017

    @ruby_reddog So wonderful to see so many pups having such great fun and play time! 😍 I loved getting to play tuggy with them (although my video skills need some work! πŸ˜‚)

  • @isla.and.finley.samoyed 9:15 AM Nov 19, 2017

    How wonderful. We still love all of our tugtoys 😍

  • @hopkinshunde 10:37 AM Nov 19, 2017

    @fuzzydogtugtoys I am sure you will have the most amazing time there πŸ’•

  • @fuzzydogtugtoys 8:34 PM Nov 19, 2017

    @isla.and.finley.samoyed Thank you so much lovely πŸ˜˜πŸ’• I'm so glad you still love your tug toys! β˜Ίβ˜ΊπŸ’–πŸ’•