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8:59 PM Nov 14, 2017
Calling it out! Do we see a problem with @vman ‘s 2018 calendar shot by @bruce_weber ? Hint: 👦🏼👦🏻👦🏼👦🏻👦🏼👦🏻👦🏼👦🏻👦🏼👦🏻👦🏼👦🏻 #vman #bruceweber #vmagazine #whatwereyouthinking #instathot #instagay #goldenretriever #goldenretrieverpuppy #goldensofinstagram #rentaldog #puppies #pecs #dietprada



  • @minimalmenswearig 1:12 AM Nov 23, 2017

    Call it out Diet Prada, call it out! *Naomi Voice* lol.

  • @fefemagalhaes 9:48 AM Nov 24, 2017

    @duff105 take it easy, man. You think you know a lot about Brazil, but that’s just not the case. The way you speak about my country is demeaning and binary, as if 200 million people thought and acted the same. If you did live here, that’s such a pity that you lost the chance to dig deeper and get to know our complexities, nuances, contradictions. Yes, racism is huuuge in my country. Yes, it’s awful and despicable. But don’t throw everybody in the same box and close it!

  • @fefemagalhaes 9:54 AM Nov 24, 2017

    @braziliancherry I couldn’t disagree more with you. We HAVE TO talk about racism everyday, in every way and opportunity we can. I see your picture and if you are any kind of mixed race, it doesn’t show because you have fair skin color - and that’s precisely one of the most disgusting things about racism in our country: it doesn’t really matter what your race background is, what matters is your skin color and facial features. If you ‘look like’ a black person, then you are a constant victim of vicious prejudice. Please look around and try to have empathy for the ones who really suffer and listen to what they are saying. 🙏🏼

  • @braziliancherry 1:52 AM Nov 25, 2017

    @fefemagalhaes talking about racism, is one thing, saying a calendar is racists because it only has white people in it, I just don’t get (once again, this is my own opinion which I’m entitled to, and I did not say this is the only way to think). At no moment whatsoever did I say I have no empathy, and from my comments you can see I’m open to learning and hearing other people’s opinions as well. The colour of my skin shouldn’t dictate weather or not I’m “valid” enough to comment; that alone is racist. And once again, everyone is missing my main point/question...why is an all white calendar racists, and not an all “insert other race” calendar not? Once again @diet_prada not saying either one is correct as I previously specifically said “neither are diverse”. Annnddd once again I do believe that we need to be diverse, I just don’t think we can force a photographer to do anything, he needs to be inspired. I feel as comments right now have steered out of focus.

  • @fefemagalhaes 5:49 PM Nov 25, 2017

    @braziliancherry let me try to answer your unanswered question. While an all-black or all-Asian calendar might not be diverse, they cannot be racist simply because the whole system that is in place favors, protects and values white-skinned people over all other races/skin colors and therefore they do not reaffirm their color’s ‘supremacy’. In a perfect world, an all-whatever race/skin color picture would just lack diversity, but would not be racist. Now, we know we live in a less-than-perfect world where there is racism everywhere - from small, day-to-day, subtle and veiled prejudice to wars and genocide. When white people, who hold the traditional/conventional powers to operate the system, do not embrace other races/skin colors in any possible context, they end up - unintentionally or not - reinforcing the markers of racism and dominance. This is fundamental in understanding what racism is - if you cannot see it, then you will have trouble understanding it. Racism is far beyond a personal (dis)like for a particular race/skin color -

  • @fefemagalhaes 6:02 PM Nov 25, 2017

    @fefemagalhaes @braziliancherry sorry about that. I was saying that racism is far beyond a personal (dis)like for a particular race/skin color - it is a vicious, veiled but omnipresent facet of an oppressive system. That is why an all-white picture in this context has implicit layers and layers of negative meanings.

  • @fefemagalhaes 6:08 PM Nov 25, 2017

    @braziliancherry as to having a little empathy, even if you see things through different lenses, which is totally ok (we all do), please try to understand where the people pointing out this issue are coming from. They’re not doing that just randomly or for no reason. Around the world, there are people suffering. Empathy is not wearing someone else’s shoes as yourself, but rather as them themselves. Much much harder (I too fail many times), but we gotta keep on trying.

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  • @boychildb 4:34 AM Nov 27, 2017

    I'm so shocked Vman is usually pretty diverse what a dissapointment

  • @boychildb 4:35 AM Nov 27, 2017

    Maybe one of them is South American 🙁

  • @sir_isaac88 2:01 PM Nov 27, 2017

    Year of the twink 😂

  • @kikijantine 3:06 AM Nov 28, 2017

    🔥🔥🔥 @kathamller

  • 12:35 AM Nov 29, 2017

    A golf club members photo lmao

  • @gurstyle 1:53 AM Nov 29, 2017

    No tasty black dick?

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    @wessles you predicted it

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    White guys with white puppies

  • @alarablackdove 1:34 PM Dec 5, 2017

    @diet_prada savage!

  • @jauipop 4:20 PM Dec 6, 2017

    I miss the days of United Colors of Benetton. But have grown up really not being represented anyway.

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    Tus dos cosas favoritas @josemorenno

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    I found my missing 🧦

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    Happy NYE-E @gabbyperry

  • @sir_digby_chickencaesar 2:29 PM Jan 3, 2018

    Nope. Triggered much. Crybaby

  • @the_body_by_louis 12:01 AM Jan 4, 2018

    Same type of models in all his work

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    @mariamtatrishviliii aarchie

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    Opaa metad rtuliaa

  • @everybodylovescody 10:05 PM Jan 7, 2018

    @diet_prada but the 2018 Pirelli calendar is fine?

  • @lena_braatz 10:51 AM Jan 8, 2018

    is this a portrait of siblings?multiples?

  • @keithkhanlondon 5:55 PM Jan 27, 2018

    That’s incredible

  • @jivascampos 6:28 AM Feb 4, 2018

    Nabila quer ser esses cachorrinhos!!!

  • @al_zaidy 4:48 AM Feb 10, 2018

    Im asian and I dont think this is a problem. U dont have to glamorize diversity all the time. It can be all asian, all black, all hispanic... #politicalcorrectness

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