finndcdoodle ( @finnthedcdoodle )

1:21 AM Nov 15, 2017
Kind of a rough night for my mom, dad and I. Have your pawrents check for ticks! My mom found two on me and one embedded on my nose. Mom said I was very wiggly which made it hard to remove the little bigger! #puppy #puppiesofinstagram #cutepuppyclub #cutepuppies #puppies #instapuppy #instadoodle #dogsofinstagram #dogs #labradoodlemom #labradoodlesofinstagram #labradoodlepuppy #labradoodle #minilabradoodle #miniaturelabradoodle #australianlabradoodle #multigenlabradoodle #blueridgelabradoodles



  • @cordy_doodle 1:30 AM Nov 15, 2017

    Thanks, I will double check!!

  • @rigel.the.aussiedoodle 4:15 AM Nov 15, 2017

    Stay safe little dood & good luck at the vet tomorrow!

  • @skyliedoodle 5:29 AM Nov 15, 2017

    You sure are having a tough day! Hope tomorrow is better! PS- I hate ticks!

  • @finnthedcdoodle 5:48 PM Nov 15, 2017

    @skyliedoodle thank you Skylie! It was no fun when they pulled it out of my nose!

  • @finnthedcdoodle 5:48 PM Nov 15, 2017

    @rigel.the.aussiedoodle Thank You Dood!

  • @finnthedcdoodle 5:49 PM Nov 15, 2017

    @cordy_doodle Good Idea Cordy!

  • @klaracservenka 6:21 PM Nov 15, 2017

    He looks a bit like my Jocshi ❤️🐶❤️