Tampere, Finland



  • @linebanks68 4 days ago

    Aawww.. Poor Topi. Hope he's better soon. 😍😍❤❤

  • @sivahogan 4 days ago


  • @vittlesvault 4 days ago

    Feel better soon ❤️❤️

  • @quinn.nicola 4 days ago

    Not feeling great 😮

  • @cotebahamondes 4 days ago

    😔😔😔 que te mejores bebe

  • @annierugi 4 days ago

    Poor Topi you look so sad 😢

  • @adonis.tan 4 days ago

    @topi_the_dog Last time when my German Shepherd, Adonis, had diarrhoea. We would feed him watery porridge, cooked from rice. It worked for him.

  • @janetsky76 4 days ago

    I’m worried about him. I hope he is going to be ok.

  • @topo56laku 4 days ago


  • @bassturdxiii 4 days ago

    Hope you feel better very soon! 💛

  • @brobsc 4 days ago

    Bless his heart...feel better sweet boy❤️

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  • @ambibambi66 4 days ago

    😔 poor baby. Hope he recovers soon and that it’s not something major!

  • @prickly.pear.cactus 4 days ago

    Oh no!! Get well soon. My previous shepherd developed an intolerance for her protein (lamb) and when she got to that point of not eating after 💩 every hour she was horribly dehydrated. We had to do sub-cutaneous fluids and find new easy to digest food. Hope he isn't that ill! But I'd call the vet ASAP. Glad we did with our girl. She recovered fully and lived many more years. ❤️

  • @fordham.l 4 days ago

    Hope you feel better soon Topi 💕

  • @silvi_9703 4 days ago

    😢😢 Dear Topi AND Mom, I hope You can feel better quickly!!! My GS, Mayte, was very sick of stomach, when she was 2 years o. It last 2 weeks...she could only eat a boild chicken AND rice diet. It was awful!!! Being strong baby!!!😘😘😘

  • @rolopolobookblog 4 days ago

    Oh, no!! 😂😂

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  • @girlkennedy 4 days ago

    Poor guy. Get well, Topi.

  • @mszeta1992 4 days ago

    Very worried about you. 😪

  • @mszeta1992 4 days ago

    Feel better soon

  • @mummycutie 4 days ago

    Poor sweet boy.....🙁

  • @dscunningham53 4 days ago

    @topi_the_dog 🙏🏻 prayers for Topi. Hope he gets better soon! It’s hard when they don’t feel well.Our girl is 14, has meds twice a day. 3 kinds for her eyes, one for her bladder control, one for arthritis of back and hip and supplements for her joints. Our boy is almost 13, only supplements for joints as preventive. Be better!

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  • @ajbcutter 3 days ago

    Feel better sweet boy

  • @cinthioka 3 days ago

    OMG!! Are you still sick??? 😱😱😱 You were playing with the ball yesterday, I thought you were getting better...😢😢😢😢 I hope you heal soon...🙏🙏🙏

  • @kane.gsd 3 days ago

    🙏🏼 Hope he feels better soon. 🐾💕

  • @ampari4 3 days ago

    I hope he feels better, 🙏

  • @enzocooper 3 days ago

    Get well soon

  • @natalieatalex 3 days ago

    Get well soon please

  • @thegrmnbee 3 days ago

    Are you sure the antibiotics are working? He should be able to eat by now.

  • @topi_the_dog 3 days ago

    @thegrmnbee He ate last night and this morning, so getting better ☝🏻

  • @thegrmnbee 3 days ago

    Oh thank God! Keeping him in my prayers!

  • @kswill 3 days ago

    Oh sweet beautiful Topi...praying for u to feel better buddy! #hugsandkisses

  • @kandybuckley941 3 days ago

    Aw feel better buddy Topi. #getwellsoon

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  • @myboymo 2 days ago

    Get well friend ❤️🐾❤️

  • @drogo_gsd 2 days ago

    Feel better Topi!

  • @morales_is_smart 2 days ago

    Good evening Topi

  • @germanshepherd_girl 12 hours ago