Breakfast time! 🍖 Have you considered feeding raw? . A few of the many benefits of raw are: 🔸️Species appropriate diet 🔸️Healthier skin 🔸️Shinier coat 🔸️Clean and healthy teeth 🔸️Much smaller and less smelly poop 🔸️No hidden chemicals, fillers or artificial extras 🔸️Dogs are excited for mealtimes 🔸️Easy to have huge variety while never making your dog sick (unlike when you change kibbles too fast) . . Raw Feeding myth: 💩Feeding bones is bad.... Raw bones are very safe for dogs as they are soft. Cooked bones are dangerous because they can splinter. . Simply stay away from weight bearing bones of large animals as these may splinter. Any chicken bones are fine, as are fish bones. It is ok to feed larger recreational bones (as in this video) but I feed for the meat content & the dogs are supervised to ensure they don't break off large pieces of bone. . There are some very good kibbles out there such as Acana, Orijen and others based on a biological appropriate raw diet. For the sake of your dogs health, do your best to stay away from foods with fillers. Dogs cannot utilize corn and it has no benefit to them whatsoever. . Do you know what is in your food? Feeding a food full of fillers, artificial chemicals with no specified meat content is the same as feeding your kids Mc Donalds every day. . Good food doesnt have to be expensive. Check out the website Dog Food Advisor to see where your food ranks. . Raw isn't practical for everyone, though I believe it is the best. . Santo has a very sensitive stomach and had skin and stool issues even on Acana. Since switching to raw as a 6 month old pup these issues have all disappeared and he has gone from a picky eater to jumping for joy (literally) at every meal time. . I make my own raw food and buy directly from butchers and fishermen as you may have seen in my videos. But there are many commercial raw food companies out there in more developed companies, which can take the hassle out of raw feeding for you. . Feel free to save this post for future reference by clicking the tab to the bottom right of this video 💗 #theislanddog



  • @lokiofmn 3 days ago

    We can’t feed full raw but Loki gets some raw stuff here and they e

  • @foxy_hannah 3 days ago

    @bennfox I want to do this with Dawson

  • @cyberspinosaur 3 days ago

    @the_island_dog Yeah, and as long as he's happy and healthy that's all that matters 😊 I'm hoping to get a bone like that for him, soon

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    Thats so cute baby! 😙

  • @bengerman.gsd 3 days ago

    😋 yum! 💗 We always get asked why we go to such great lengths for Bennie and his meals and I always say, “If you wouldn’t eat it yourself or let your child eat it why would you let your pet eat it!” It’s even harder when they are picky eaters or have GI issues and intolerances like him!

  • @bengerman.gsd 3 days ago

    Oops posted it to fast! But we think of it the same way too, that if all your giving your dog is low grade, synthetic dog kibble filled with fillers it’s the exact same as eating processed fast food every day.

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    Very informative 😊 thank you 🌸

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    Enjoy your meal ♥

  • @finnlivelove 3 days ago

    I have considered raw but dogs cannot Work in hospitals on raw diets - due to weakened immune systems of patients and the possibilities of issues from raw meat- so I am torn.... raw food that helps him or the stimulation of working which also helps him? In the end- for now- the stimulation of working and socializing and doing something wins. I wish we could have both. And daily swims... would all keep him young.

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    Good post! Looking forward for more 🙏🏻🐶💜

  • @lache_ 3 days ago

    Does the size of the dog matter? I have a small Maltese male about 2yrs old and he’s been having kidney problems. Would raw feeding help?

  • @farmdogtobeachdog 3 days ago

    That looks delicious 😍😍😍

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    @topi_the_dog Thought I share this with you. :) Hope this might work for Topi. 🙏

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    Been feeding my dog raw for 10 years, best decision I’ve ever made

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    Buona appetito 🐕😋

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    Yummy! !!👅💦

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    @woftam.86 raw diet for our puppies?

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    @___ambssss how coot

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    I really want to feed my dog a raw diet but my mom doesn't agree😔

  • @oriley_night_sky 3 days ago

    We had Riley on Acana and Origen and same we had stool and tummy issues we switched at 5 months to raw and within 24 hours there was a difference ❤️we will continue now and in future for any of our dogs raw food

  • @the_island_dog 3 days ago

    @finnlivelove yes those rules have to be there I guess but it is a shame for sure.

  • @the_island_dog 3 days ago

    @bengerman.gsd totally agree. If you raised a child on happy meal you wouldn't see a healthy and fit child

  • @the_island_dog 3 days ago

    @kamivicious rawhide is terrible stuff 😣

  • @_gsdpuglove 3 days ago

    We have a similar story to share! My GSD had loose stools from about 6 months old to a year old, he was skinny. I fed Acana at the time and even tested him for EPI which came back negative. 24hrs after switching him to raw his stools were 100% better and he slowly gained the weight he desperately needed. You should see his before and after picture!

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    Hi Baby!!! 😍💕🐾💕🐾

  • @levelupdogs 3 days ago

    I feed Acana and am slowly trying to switch my sheltie to raw! My BC won’t eat it. :(

  • @rambothegsd_ 3 days ago

    💯 agree!! Rambo too had issues with his stools.. and never excited to eat til I made the switch he was 9 months old.. he loves his raw!!

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    I agree💯as well, I'm on a raw diet since 9 years back and I'm feeling happy and healthy😉✌️🍖🐾🤗❤️

  • @happyhikingpups 2 days ago

    Nothing better than real, whole foods 💜 it’s so funny how people realize that’s true for themselves, but they usually don’t for dogs!

  • @nncnxx 2 days ago

    Raw food is the best you can feed to your dog if the meat and bones are of a good quality and if you are aware of what vitamins and supplements he might need as an extra. Vets don't generally know sh*t about feeding raw food and they usually only see the cases where things have gone wrong, eg splintered bones stuck in the system

  • @lilmissgbh 2 days ago

    I went to raw when one of my GSDs was severely sick due to her booster. It was to put weight back on her safely. Im vegan and didnt know how I would feel feeding raw, but after seeing how quickly she recovered, and the benefits... I aint going back! 👍👍 TOTALLY recommend it

  • @wet_nose_diary 2 days ago

    What resources do you use to understand the amount, variety, and nutrition content of the meals you feed? Also, how do you deal with the mess and potential illness from raw, e.g. e-coli getting on their fur, paws, etc and tracking that everywhere?

  • @kanjidoguk 2 days ago

    I love Raw too! Sometimes I get a bone so big I can fit my head in it and I get to chew on it for days :)

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    Ну ладно вчера чка приятного тебе аппетита

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    Yumi yumi delicious guys

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    Yummy! We recently fed a raw bone to Zak and Cody, they absolutely loved it!